Graphics and Typography

If you are looking for a professional image, want to portray a unique identity, want something more than DTP.

Thoughtful layout, considered typography, professional design.


A selection of roughs supplied, we work with you to produce the image which suits you best and work from there.
Saddlesoar ad


Flooding poster


Railway poster

Lion website banner
Website banners





Treborough A5 leaflet

Providing artwork for print

Depending on how you save your file, sometimes there are instances where we need fonts to be supplied separately*.

Please supply PDF files.

If you are sending files, especially if not pdf's please attach the font/s you need. It may also be a good idea to supply images and logos separately.

When saving files please provide 300dpi files. If saving as a pdf check the compression rates (how it downsamples the images), if you are sending a pdf in a web ready mode it may save as a very low resolution, 72dpi. This makes images "blocky".

If you are using Publisher we suggest you check the help files regarding producing pdfs and how to use "pack and go".

Layout of copy often looks better if you switch off "auto hyphenation" and use a tab key instead of inserting spaces to line up text when setting up tabs.

If you have any query give us a call.

*Its important that you always include all the fonts that were used in the creation of your document. There can be several versions of the font you used on the market (and to confuse matters, they can also be given different names). If we do not have the exact version, it is likely your layout may change. Even Times has more than one version. Also, be sure to check your artwork for necessary fonts. If you placed a logo that needs Caslon for example, your PageMaker file doesn't use Caslon, PageMaker may not tell you that you need Caslon.

When locating your fonts, there is a difference between where you will find them on a MAC or PC, so please select the proper computer system for information concerning locating and copying fonts.

PC Fonts

On most Windows systems, you can view your loaded and usable fonts in the Windows Control Panel. Click on the Start button, then on Control Panel. Somewhere in there will be a folder with your fonts. Before copying your fonts, create a folder on your desktop into which you can copy the fonts. Then, locate the fonts you need within that Control Panel fonts folder. Select each font you want to copy. (Be sure to select all versions of the fonts you used. For example, also send Times Bold, Times Italic, and Times BoldItalic when sending Times Roman.) Next, right-click (and hold) on one of the selected fonts and drag onto the folder you created on the desktop. When you release the right button, a menu will appear. Click Copy to Folder (NOT Move to Folder). Compress that folder using WinZip and e-mail it to us as an attachment.

Mac Fonts

With the introduction of OS X, fonts can now be located in any number of places on your computer. Using a font management program compounds this problem (but, if you're using a font management program, it is likely that you already know how to copy fonts). Use the Finder's find command to search for the fonts you need. (Sometimes, it is helpful to search for part of the name. For example, look for Casl when searching for Caslon224-Bold.) Go ahead and send us any font you think necessary. If you're looking for Times and you find Times and Times Roman and Times MT, send all three. (Be sure to select all versions of the fonts you used. For example, also send B Times Bold, I Times Italic, and BI Times BoldItalic when sending Times.) Create a folder on your desktop into which you can copy the fonts. From the results window of your search, copy each font (hold down the Option key as you drag so you don't move the files) into the folder you created on the desktop. After you have copied all of the fonts, compress that folder using Stuffit or OS X's Create Archive command and e-mail it to us as an attachment.

** Ensure you copy the fonts, not move them **

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Business Cards

Business card


dwf advertisement
Dulverton Cricket Poster