Art: Still Life, Floral and Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous subjects and sculpture.

Iris in a Jug

red dot Iris in a Jug, Acrylic 39in w x 32 in d

Copper kettle
Oil. 60x50cm in Hazlenut frame. £195.00 plus delivery.

Blue Nude

red dotred dotBlue Nude, Watercolour on paper. Image size
24cm x 24cm £55 in larger contemporary frame.


Clash, Acrylic on box canvas 24in w x 29 in h £195.00


Teapots (tribute to Noel London), ipad digital



Freedom, acrylic moulded on solid wood plinth,
29cm h x 54cm w including plinth.


Freedom 1

Freedom 1, Wire on Slate, 27cm h x 51 cm w.


Dulverton Railway Station model

Railway backdrop

Painting the backdrop

Painting the backdrop for the model of Dulverton railway station. The panels were painted in acrylic, mesuring in total 40ft x 5ft and took two weeks to complete.

For more information about how it was put together,
click here.

Putting up the panels
Chris Nelder and friend putting up the panels.

From one size to another... from painting the backdrop 45ft wide to figures 20mm tall...

hunt figures

The Exmoor Horn Exhibiton 2011

Painting Gordon

Painting Gordon (as named!) on the kitchen table.
A life sized piece, worked in acrylic on chipboard.

Working on the backdrop

In spring 2011 I painted the backdrop for the
Exmoor Horn exhibition, held in the Guildhall Heritage Centre, Fore Street, Dulverton.

Exmoor Horn
Gordon in situ, painted on chipboard and cutout, placed in front of the backdrop.

Exhibition opens

The exhibition opens April 2011. It will run for 2 years.


Cinderella Pantomime backdrop and cut outs

Cinderella Front Signage

Cinderella Signage

7ft high cutouts for Cinderella

Cinderella Village Scene Backdrop\

Cinderella pantomime backdrop painted in 2012,
5.5m w x 3.5 m h

Towards Avalon Towards Avalon
Oil. 91x61cm

Maelstrom Looming
Silver Amazon
Maelstrom Looming. Acrylic with chrome, silver and gold.
Box canvas, appx 92cm x 62cm.
Pink Gold

Pink Gold

Acrylic. 30x30cm
Cool Nude Cool Nude
Acrylic. 45c x 62cm
Copper Kettle and Fruit
Copper Kettle with Fruit
Oil. 60x50cm
Looking Down
Silver Amazon
red dotLooking down. Acrylic with chrome, silver and gold.
Box canvas, 92cm x 62cm.
Noel London
Noel London
Blue dotWatercolour. Thank you to Linda London for kindly letting me paint Noel - a distinguished designer and artist
Daisy Fireworks
Daisy Fireworks
Acrylic. 36x24 in, box canvas £125.00 plus delivery.
red dotred dotOil. 51cm w x 61cm d x 2 cm deep edge
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom
Oil 42 x 30 box canvas £85 plus delivery.
Oil. 51cm w x 40.5cm d 3.8cm deep edge - box canvas. £85.00 plus delivery.
Nine Eleven
Nine Eleven, America Inherits
Collage, watercolur and ink, Nine Eleven, what America inherits,
Collage, mixed media  47 x 35. Not mounted, £75.00 plus delivery.
red dotAcrylic on box canvas 51 x 41. The background is a very dark blue/green with a glossy slightly textured finish.
Blue Iris
Watercolour 50x38. Mounted. £85.00 plus delivery.
David Blue
David in blue
David in Blue. Acrylic 41x31cm. Mounted £75.00 plus delivery.
David Red
David in Red
David in Red. Acrylic 41x31cm Mounted £75.00 plus delivery.
red dotWatercolour
Watercolour 35x22 Not mounted £50.00 plus delivery.

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Sold Items

red dotSold Blue dot Not for Sale
If an item has more than 1 red dot it means it has been commissioned and painted again. Each painting is unique.


Commissions undertaken -
please enquire
for details

Prints may be available from some of the paintings


stag  sculpture

stag sculpture
red dotStag -
Gavanised wire - Life size.

stag sculpture

Mobile/Light fixture, Silver and silver plated cutlery, crystal, and glass with beads, 17 inches high 12 inches wide

Up to the wire

Wire horse on slate background
20in w 9in h

Items are not framed unless otherwise stated.

Oils and acrylics may be painted on block canvas which is not framed - as shown below.
Block Canvas